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Shadowseeker, Victor Kloss

The second instalment in the Royal Institute of Magic series follows Ben on his first official day at the Institute. But it doesn’t go as he expects. A Shadowseeker, Dark Elf assassin, attacks the Dragon Way. Chaos erupts, with the fear of a killer that can literally pop out of thin air anywhere in the… Continue reading Shadowseeker, Victor Kloss

Sci-Fi · Young Adult books

Ascension, Victor Dixen

A recent sci-fi book sees six young men and women sent on a mission to colonise Mars while competing for love with the entire world watching. The Bachelor meets space colonisation in the greatest reality tv show. The premise didn’t interest me, but my book club chose it for this month’s read. Please note that… Continue reading Ascension, Victor Dixen

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The Copper Gauntlet, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Call’s home for the summer after his first at The Magisterium. But Call won’t be having a relaxing, fun-filled summer like his friends. Hints lead him to believe his father suspects his secret and plans to do something about it. After a fight with his dad, Call runs away with Havoc. Arriving at Tamara’s house… Continue reading The Copper Gauntlet, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Paranormal · Young Adult books

Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins

Another school for young people to study magic may have some people sigh with exasperation from the start, but not me. I tend to find at least one thing to enjoy amongst the genre that is now drowning in clichés and attempts to be the next Harry Potter. After numerous odd events caused by her… Continue reading Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins

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The Golden Tower, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

It’s finally here, the climax to the Magisterium series. The waiting for this book was one of the most frustrating times. After the traumatic events of the last book, the characters start in a dark place. Aaron is dead, again, but no one knows that Call drew Aaron’s soul into his own body. After everything… Continue reading The Golden Tower, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

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The Silver Mask, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

The fourth book in the Magisterium series begins in a dark place for Call and his friends. After the traumatic events of The Bronze Key the entire mage world is forever changed. For six months Call has been imprisoned in the Panopticon with everyone treating him like The Enemy of Death. With no visitors, not… Continue reading The Silver Mask, Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

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The Darkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken

Upcoming movies always intrigue me in the books they’re based on, yet this one has been on my TBR for ages now. And it did not disappoint. A dystopian America where kids under the age of eighteen somehow receive enhanced abilities one day while the other kids die suddenly. After that day the youth are… Continue reading The Darkest Minds, Alexandra Bracken