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Shadow of the Fox, Julie Kagawa

This fantasy is full of intriguing Japanese mythology. A half-kitsune and a demon slaying shinobi travel across the land fighting demons along the way.

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Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

It’s taken me a while to finish this book due to all my university readings, but here it is, finally. The newest instalment in the Shadowhunter world sees Julian, Emma and their family take on even more fearsome enemies. After the death of Malcolm in Lady Midnight, the Blackthorns thought they were safe. Unfortunately, they were… Continue reading Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

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The Iron King, Julie Kagawa

I absolutely LOVED this book!! The scene with Meghan's little brother was so creepy I had to check under my bed! The thing with the dog completely broke my heart. The beginning of the adventure felt well motivated with good twists and turns. The author's writing style was super enjoyable to read, a real page-turner.… Continue reading The Iron King, Julie Kagawa

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Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare's newest series is off with a bang! It's definitely competing with the Infernal Devices to be my favourite Shadowhunter series. Five years after the end of The Mortal Instruments the series follows the Blackthorn family living in the Los Angeles Institute. There are several children in the family; Julian, Livvy, Ty, Tavvy, Mark, Helen and… Continue reading Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare

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The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman

The final book in His Dark Material trilogy sees the adventure come to a close. Mrs. Coulter has kidnapped Lyra, using a sleeping draft to keep her under control. While asleep Lyra dreams of Roger in a land of ghosts and grey mist. Meanwhile, Will argues with the two angels with him about what they should do; they want Will to come with them while he's desperate to find Lyra. Finally, they agree to search for Lyra. On their way to find Lyra the trio is attacked by a powerful angel, Metatron, the Lord of Angels, and they narrowly escape.

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The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman

The Subtle Knife sees Lyra venture into another world ravaged by spectres that prey on adults, leaving the world's children unsupervised. There she meets a boy named Will, a boy who also found his way to this other world. I loved the introduction of Will as he's from our world and had a relatable take on… Continue reading The Subtle Knife, Philip Pullman